First classical animated short

2010-05-18 07:31:00 by The-Evil-Bunny

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Been working on this one for about 4 months, its allmost finished. Due in 2 weeks on newgrounds if i can find a right codec to upload this.
Anyhow this is a first teaser ;)
screen shot on the art portal ;)

love from belgium! (:

new assignment for skool

2008-12-27 11:19:59 by The-Evil-Bunny

its been a while since i did a post so i decided to show you guys a bit what i'm working on. We need to make a short fun movie like you see on mtv , tmf , jim , plug ... mine will be playing in the zoo =)
dont wanna spoil the movie so i'm not gonna tell the plot , anyhow here you have a pic

new assignment for skool

game in the making

2008-11-01 10:24:07 by The-Evil-Bunny

well lets make that first post shall we =)
hi newgrounds 'sup ? my name is ken sody , and i'm a 18 yr old guy from belgium

i didn't make newgrounds worthy material till now but i'm busy with a new project called cambodian fever , which looks quite promissing. hope to post that first game soon :)

greetz from belgium !

game in the making