Entry #3

First classical animated short

2010-05-18 07:31:00 by The-Evil-Bunny

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Been working on this one for about 4 months, its allmost finished. Due in 2 weeks on newgrounds if i can find a right codec to upload this.
Anyhow this is a first teaser ;)
screen shot on the art portal ;)

love from belgium! (:


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2010-05-18 08:13:34

Looks amazing! How do you do such good backgrounds?

The-Evil-Bunny responds:

i use pencils for the first sketch, i scan this. next i take some ink or waterpaint to make gradients. next in photoshop i put the lines on the gradient picture. behind this i put a color layer and an other one for this lights in this case.
I'm bad at explaining =p but hope it helped ! ^^


2010-05-18 08:37:04

impressive work and I want to see more of this! :)

The-Evil-Bunny responds:

me too! ^^


2010-11-21 01:25:28

im excited to say the least the very least i love your work